PW protect developed by leanSOFTWARE.NL

PW Protect is a secure vault for storing and managing shared sensitive information such as passwords and usernames.

PW-Protect is 100% secure, your passwords are stored only on your own device.

From now on only remember one password,
and use it to store all your passwords for each website and application which requires authentication.


Store and Remember Passwords and Usernames Securely

PW-Protect provides the ability to create multiple users or groups.

Select the user and login with your password or fingerprint.

Save your application username and password and place an icon of your choice.

Select the application you want to see, swipe left to expose the Edit and Delete button.

    How Can You Avoid Having Your Password Leaked?

    1. Use a different password for every site: If you use a different password for every account you have, then those accounts will stay safe even if one of your online accounts gets compromised. If you were to use the same password for every site, one site’s breach can mean a whole world of trouble for you.

    2. Always change your password after a breach: Even if your password is strong, that doesn’t mean it’s invulnerable to cracking—it just means that it’s likely to take very, very long. Those with weak passwords may have already had their account compromised by the time they realize the leak has happened, but if your password takes days to crack, you have time to change it and make your old password useless by the time they figure it out.

    3. Use a strong password: The stronger your password is, the less likely it is that someone will be able to crack it and use it quickly. Length is more important than complexity. Remember: any password is crackable, you just want it to take as long as possible. Which brings me to our next point:

    4. Don’t use services with bad security. While you can’t control how a company stores your password, you can control what services you sign up for. You should never sign up for a service that uses plain text or encryption to store your passwords, because they’re much more vulnerable to being compromised.

    Don't store your passwords in a cloud ! Do you know where your information is stored and who really has access to it ? With PW Protect everything is stored directly on your device. No servers, no clouds, no services are used to store your secret information.
    We don't even make backups of your data. You put your data on your device and that is where it will stay. You will be in total control of where your data goes, where it is stored and who has access to see it.